October 2

Rabbit-Eye Pink And Charcoal Black - Boyd Bennett - Collectors Item (Vinyl, LP)

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    Home Page About Us My Shopping Cart If you have any problems with this site please contact us via email or phone.
  2. By Taulrajas on
    "Among rabbits, the gene that produces brown eyes is dominant, and so the most common rabbit eye color is brown." - source: Amber Thanks Adar and Esther van Praag, PhD. ducktoller (c)Adam Greig. Amber is rare in domestic rabbits and is seen mostly in Hares. "Usually it is the brown pigment that dominates in the iris of rabbits, and not the.
  3. By Gusar on
    What Do Rabbits See? by Dana M. Krempels, Ph.D. Many house rabbit "parents" are curious to know what the world looks like to their lagomorph companion.
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    * Hotot - white body and black eye lines. * Rhinelander - 3 different colors, with colored nose, cheek spots, ears, tail, eye rings, backbone stripe, and six to eight side spots. * Tan - two-tone body with darker color on top, light eye rings, tan belly, chest and "V" at the nape of the neck. Weight It is not likely that you can determine much.
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    Recognizing Rabbit Color truesmasherdilkreeredshade.xyzinfo the basics about rabbit color patterns and find information about rabbit coat color genetics.. There are dozens of rabbit colors out there. Hundreds. If you add up every possible combination and count it as a separate color, you might come up with thousands.
  6. By Gosar on
    Note that ch- would restrict black color to the points (no body bands) and cause pink eyes. A rabbit with pink eyes, 1 black ear, 1 black front paw and 1 black back paw might be a himi-magpie (ch- with eJ-). cc results in an all white rabbit. DUTCH The classic Dutch rabbit pattern is a white blaze, white shoulders and front legs/feet, white.
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    This rabbit comes in black, blue or rich chocolate. The coat of this breed is magnificent and has ruby-red eyes. This rabbit weighs around pounds. Himalayan – This breed has a short, sleek white coat with color marking on its ears, nose, tail, feet and legs in either black, blue, chocolate or lilac.
  8. By Kigarisar on
    we had 2 rabbits a brown female (patch) who died recently and a white male (fixed) with pink eyes (fluffy). He has dark patches on his nose, paws and his ears are all dark. We have noticed in the winter the dark patches are almost black yet in the summer they become very light grey. he will sleep with his eyes closed and squints when outside.
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    Usually if it's a white rabbit, it would have a red eye, but if it was a brown one or black one, then the color would be black or darkish brown.

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